• Light the Way Nova Iman

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Light the Way Nova Iman

Thank you for taking this journey with me!

My name is Amirah Beeks-Jeffries and I am the proud owner of Refuge Candle Company. Refuge was inspired by my personal journey to establishing peace and perseverance through difficult moments in life.  Sometimes we have to take a few steps back, rest, take refuge...before moving forward. The trials, darkness and stress won't last forever. "

Each candle was inspired by different songs and quotes that were used to get me through tough times or simply songs that brought me joy. Please enjoy this customized playlist available at the end of this page.

Nova Iman, Light the Way

This collection is a dedication to our angel baby, Nova Iman Jeffries. We loss baby Nova due to a condition called Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to The Little Heartbeats Organization to continue to raise awareness about PPROM.

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Sustainable & Modern

We Love Our Customers “

"I can smell the candles while opening the box!! I was gonna make these a gift to mom but she may have to wait to get the next order lol"

Deshawn P.

We Love Our Customers “

"Thank you for my freebies!! This candle smells amazing!!"


We Love Our Customers “

"I love it...smells so good. I could smell it from the next room and over the pizza I was cooking."


We Love Our Customers “

"Before I even opened the packages I could smell these candles. Whyyyy do they smell so good?! I'm in love."

Kristen P.

We Love Our Customers”

“I received my candles today! They smell so good! Great workmanship and presentation. I highly recommend you purchase these candles you won’t be disappointed.

Chelell G.

Unique Gift Ideas

Refuge's natural soy candles make the perfect gift for everyone! From teacher gifts, a gift for your mom or dad, housewarming gifts and real estate closing gifts...we have what you are looking for to make those close to you feel special!


Shine your light, sit back & take refuge...

The Playlist

In addition to our candles and their aspired scents, we wanted to create a playlist of all the inspired songs. We hope that these songs will lift you up, calm you through your storms, and assist you with taking the first steps to prioritize self-care, so that you are able to move forward...one step at a time. So shine your light and turn the volume up.