Behind the Light the Way Nova Iman Collection

I’ve got a story to tell…I’ve been on a hiatus for sometime now and I wanted to thank you all for your patience during the time I’ve been away.
Those that are close to me know that I’ve experienced a great loss in February. I was 4 months pregnant and loss my baby girl (Nova Iman) due to a condition called PPROM.
Losing my baby girl took something from me. I don’t feel like the same person I was before and I guess that it’s not expected that I be.
On the same day that all of this happened, I had a customer place an extremely large order. I sat in my hospital bed and panicked at first and broke down because this all wasn’t part of the plan. I had planned to take a maternity leave from my business and full time job. I had planned to have my ducks in order so that the process could be as smooth as possible. Losing my baby girl wasn’t part of the plan. And now I have to shift and pivot to do something different and I can barely function as it is.
But the fact that this was an extremely large order wasn’t the only thing that got me…it was the note and message she left:
“I learned of your brand and your work during the 2021 holiday season while shopping at REI in Timonium. These have been exceptional gifts and the one candle I retained for myself is truly divine! Thank you for leaning into your talents and purpose - it’s felt through and through via this product 💛.”
I bawled like a baby because here I am, on possibly the worst day of my life. Contemplating my life, my decisions, my purpose in life and whether or not to even continue making candles or with my full time job for that matter. I was defeated.
Seeing her message made me cry but also helped lift a little light into my life at that moment. I was able to meet her in person and told her all of this and we both cried and gave each other a hug.
I realize that even in my darkest moments when I don’t feel like it or acknowledge it, I serve a purpose in this world and I matter. This grief and healing journey has been a rough one and it hasn’t even been that long. But I will continue to pour into my gifts and I will honor my sweet Nova Iman along the way.
10% of the proceeds will be donated to Little Hearts Beats Organization