Our Story

A condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble. 

As a mom, wife and school psychologist, I have witnessed from those close to me and myself experience high levels of stress. Some of the people that I am close to are battling mental illness or have in the past. Dealing with the daily stressors that life may throw at you can cause you to feel depleted, defeated and worn out be it physically, mentally and emotionally. I, too, have experienced similar feelings. Often times leaving me paralyzed in my thoughts and anxieties.

I have also witnessed women and men, especially those of color, CONSTANTLY on the go. Whether its balancing work life, school life, taking care of family, worrying about finances and paying the bills...these different aspects have a way of weighing you down. Stress, can literally kill you and many of us struggle with making stress take a back seat so we can drive and move forward effectively. 

It is so important that we start shifting into a place of refuge. When creating this self-care line my overall goal was to create products that foster change in how those close to me care for themselves mentally and physically. One quote that is constantly on my mind is that " you can't serve from an empty vessel". Essentially, take care of you so that you can have enough energy and mental well being to care for those around you.​

Refuge was inspired by my personal journey to establishing peace and perseverance through difficult moments in life.  Sometimes we have to take a few steps back, rest, take refuge...before moving forward. The trials, darkness and stress won't last forever. Thank you for taking this journey with me. 

Be Blessed!

Dr. Amirah S. Beeks-Jeffries